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SPCTech Presentations & Publications

Browse the recent presentations and publications that have been released by Strategic Process Control Technologies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Contact our consulting firm to schedule an appointment if you want to get your company comfortable with using a variety of advanced technologies.

Recent Presentations

Interphex 2007, April 24, New York, NY USA - "PAT, One Step at a Time...," Robert P. Cogdill, Interphex 2007, April 24–26, New York, NY USA

IFPAC 2007, Baltimore, MD (January 29, 2007). "The Synergy Between PAT and Lean Manufacturing", James K. Drennen III, Carl A. Anderson, Robert P. Cogdill

IFPAC 2007, Baltimore, MD (January 30, 2007). "Application of FMCA as a Tool for Risk Assessment", Carl A. Anderson, Robert P. Cogdill, James K. Drennen III

IFPAC 2007, Baltimore, MD (January 31, 2007). "Building Calibrations from Knowledge: Applying Synthetic Calibration Techniques for Efficient Method Development and Realistic Robustness Testing", Robert P. Cogdill

IFPAC 2006, Arlington, VA (February 22, 2006). "Quantitative Terahertz Chemical Mapping Using Net Analyte Signal and Pure Component Methods" (title changed), Robert P. Cogdill, S.M. Short, R.N. Forcht, Z. Shi, C.A. Anderson, J.K. Drennen III

Spectral Dimensions Imaging Spectroscopy User's Group, Pfizer Global Research, Peapack, NJ. (May 23, 2006). "Imaging Spectroscopy at Duquesne University" Robert P. Cogdill, Hua Ma, Carl A. Anderson, James K. Drennen III


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Cogdill, R.P., C.A. Anderson, J.K. Drennen III, et al., 2005. Process Analytical Technology Case Study, Part II: Development and Validation of Quantitative Near-Infrared Calibrations in Support of a Process Analytical Technology Application for Real-Time Release. AAPS PharmSciTech. 6(2) Article 38

Cogdill, R.P., C.A. Anderson, and J.K. Drennen III. 2005. Process Analytical Technology Case Study, Part III: Calibration Monitoring and Transfer. AAPS PharmSciTech. 6(2) Article 39

Cogdill, R.P., S.M. Short, R. Forcht, Z. Shi, Y. Shen, P.F. Taday, C.A. Anderson, J.K. Drennen, III. 2006. An efficient method-development strategy for quantitative chemical imaging using terahertz pulse spectroscopy. J Pharm Innovation 1(1):63-75

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